How to Calibrate Your Device With The Aircraft


In order for your device to recognize important flight events like engine start and stop, you need to let the device learn about your aircraft’s environment. This allows FlashUp to operate autonomously in the background. Specifically, it needs to do that with your aircraft running. Next time you are in your aircraft running on the ground (i.e. during warm up) you need to initiate the process by which FlashUp ‘fingerprints’ your aircraft.


  1. Find a spot on the apron where you can conduct pre-flight checks for a minute or two, and reduce your throttle to idle
  2. From the ‘Select Aircraft’ screen press ‘Edit’ in the top right corner
  3. Press the ‘Info’ icon next to the aircraft you want to calibrate to bring up the next screen
  4. Next to the line ‘Calibrate with Engine Running’ press ‘Start’
  5. The device begins a countdown of 10 seconds. During this time, place the device wherever it will be during your flying, whether it is mounted somewhere, in a pocket in the cabin, in your pocket, etc. If it goes somewhere like a pocket, it’s wise to lock the screen first.
  6. You may feel a short vibration from the device indicating it has started the calibration routine.
  7. Approximately 30-45 seconds later, there will be a long vibration indicating the calibration process is finished.
  8. Removing your device from it’s stowed location (if needed) bring the app back onto your screen and acknowledge the dialog box saying ‘Calibration complete’
  9. Press ‘Done’ in the top left corner to save your calibration profile.


That’s a lot of steps. Fingerprinting your aircraft takes about 60 seconds to complete in total, and is largely “hands-off”. Remember above all, that you need to maintain awareness of your aircraft and its surroundings at all times during the calibration routine.

Next Up

The next and final step to start using FlashUp in the flight environment is to add the ‘Auto Arm’ settings so that your device can operate freely with Zero Device Interaction required.

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