How to Assign a Beacon to Your Aircraft


If you have several aircraft at the same base, like a commercial operator might, then the GPS-based location monitoring offered by your device is not accurate enough to ensure that the correct flight information is captured. Beacons are available to put into each aircraft and give your device certainty about the data it captures.


  1. Get into proximity with your beacon-equipped aircraft
  2. Navigate to the editing screen for your chosen aircraft
  3. On the ‘Beacon’ line, push the ‘Assign’ button
  4. On the pop-up dialog that appears, press ‘Assign new beacon’
  5. The device begins a countdown of 10 seconds during which time it tries to pick out the strongest (nearest) beacon signal it can, and selects it.


It’s best for you to be sitting in the aircraft when you assign a new beacon – although it doesn’t have to be running. This can help to avoid potentially picking up the wrong beacon in the aircraft sitting next to it.

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