How to Add Auto Arm Settings


For your device to achieve true autonomy, you need to add the Auto Arm settings and enable location monitoring.


  1. From the ‘Select Aircraft’ screen, press ‘Edit’ and tap the info icon next to the aircraft you want to Auto Arm
  2. Press ‘Last Known Secure Location’
  3. On the map screen that appears, find the location of your aircraft, and press ‘Done’
  4. Press the toggle switch next to ‘Location Monitoring’ to enable Auto Arm
  5. Press ‘Done’ to save and return to the ‘Select Aircraft’ screen


On the ‘Select Aircraft’ screen next to the aircraft’s status message, you can find the location monitoring status. It will read ‘In Range’, ‘Out of Range’, or ‘N/A’ if your device hasn’t determined if you are in or out of range. If it displays ‘N/A’ it should only be temporary.

Next Steps

For a pilot who has one aircraft at the airport, location monitoring should now be ready to go. However, if you have more than one aircraft in proximity, you will need to add a beacon to each aircraft. Learn how to assign a beacon to your aircraft to allow operation of multiple aircraft at the same base.

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