FlashUp Demo

In its Beta state, FlashUp is doing a lot of things in the background. However, you aren’t expected to see any of it or notice – because it’s a background app.

Below is a short demonstration of what FlashUp would look like if you were looking at your device – which is what FlashUp is designed to avoid.


  1. As you approach the aircraft’s location, FlashUp becomes ‘armed’ – meaning it starts analyzing its environment for signs that you have started the aircraft and it is running
  2. Once FlashUp has determined the initial flight ‘state’ of engine running, it records position, direction and velocity each second, as well as overlays core flight events, like takeoff and landing
  3. When you shut down the aircraft, FlashUp captures the engine stop event and wraps up the flight record
  4. As you leave the vicinity of the aircraft, FlashUp ‘disarms’ and stops monitoring for flight events


As you can see, there is not a lot of visual feedback to the user that they might find useful. In its current state, FlashUp simply shows the pilot their flight times post-flight.

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