Creating a New Aircraft Profile


You need to create an initial profile for each aircraft that you fly. Once the bare bones data has been entered, you’ll be ready for the calibration process next time you run the aircraft.


  1. Navigate to the Aircraft tab, and press “New Aircraft”
  2. Enter the full registration of the aircraft
  3. Enter the aircraft type
  4. Enter the speeds for your aircraft in takeoff and landing configuration
  5. Tap ‘Done’ in the top left corner


Now when you look at the ‘Select Aircraft’ screen, you should see the registration and type, as well as a status message saying ‘Needs Configuration’; This means that the device is not ready to capture flights for this aircraft.

Up Next

Now that you have a basic aircraft profile set up, you’ll let the device perform a calibration routine so the device can learn how to recognize your aircraft when it starts. But remember: This process has to happen with the engine running – ideally, the next time you perform a run-up of your aircraft.

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