About the Developer

Having a Bachelor of Applied Technology degree from Seneca College and roughly 10 years of commercial flying experience, I came from Toronto but now call Squamish, BC my home.

I have lived and worked as a commercial fixed-wing pilot in Squamish since 2011 and have now stepped back from professional flying to direct every effort to guiding the FlashUp project into the future.

About the Development

FlashUp is borne out of the desire to see more active technological development and innovation in the General Aviation industry.

With the flight experience I had, I started by asking myself what my iPhone could do to help me through my flight day. I happened to be searching through the small stack of paper on my knee board, when the answer came almost immediately: 'Capture my flight times and don't bug me about it. I want to just ask Siri to read out the times so I can enter them in the books.'

Since that idea entered my head, the wheels have kept turning and lead me to focus on developing FlashUp.

Thanks for checking out the project!

Eric Lightfoot | Homathko Technologies Inc.