RELEASE: FlashUp v0.1.2 – Just In Time for the Weekend

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Just in time for the weekend, FlashUp 0.1.2 has been released to pilots on the Beta Tester Program.

First of all, a BIG BIG thanks to the Pilots taking part in testing the app. They’re taking the time to set it up, and reading over some of the how-to articles. Then they’re taking FlashUp with them for flights and generating the results that are critical for developing the technology!

Based on early feedback and analysis, I had a rather long todo list for this release. There is a ways to go to reach version 1.0, and development has been ceaseless as we move toward the upcoming milestone – achieving 100% reliability of capturing the engine start event.

For those interested, here are some of the changes.

Troubleshooting features for the developer to assess performance and needs of the software, such as

  • More information about the user-configured app settings
  • Knowing the last time the device opened the app
  • Improved device logs

If you have any questions about what data is collected and how it is used, please review our updated Privacy Policy and send your questions or feedback to the developer

Some user interface enhancements, such as

  • On the Aircraft Select screen, now the status of each aircraft will only say “Ready” when the aircraft has Location Monitoring activated. When Location Monitoring is disabled, the status will say “Cannot Arm” to indicate that no flights will be captured
  • Removing the slew of dialog ‘pop-ups’ that appear for the user on the first launch of the app.
  • Adding clear instructions in the dialog box that pops up asking the user to allow FlashUp to track the device location, that ‘Always Allow’ is required for the app to work properly

Don’t forget to Join The FlashUp Beta Testers group on Facebook to share your questions and feedback.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to the developer on Facebook or email, or leave comments below to discuss anything app related.

Now go flying! ✈️🌤

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