A Good Launch Weekend, and New Facebook Page

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This past weekend was the first one since FlashUp Beta launched last Thursday.

The most amazing thing was to see the adoption and installations increase leading up to the weekend – we gained users!

Next up, we recorded some flights! The app was confirmed to have behaved as designed and captured these flights without the pilots needing to interact with the app. This is the whole purpose of FlashUp – it is being tested, scrutinized and monitored each day.

In the ‘needs improvement’ category, some of the documentation in the guide at https://flashup.app/knowledge-base/ did not include some important set up details. So, an update email was sent to users to clarify the items that were left out of the guide. I’ll be adding new content to the guide all the time, and the information in that update email has been included here.

Also under the heading ‘needs improvement’: there isn’t any way to 100% confirm whether a flight was “missed” – not recorded by FlashUp – unless that fact is shared by the pilot using the app.

A Facebook page for FlashUp has been created. This new page will be for feedback, discussion, questions and answers, feature requests, and troubleshooting in regards to FlashUp and its use in the flight environment.

Now go flying! ✈️

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