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FlashUp is the only autonomous flight recorder app designed for General Aviation airplane pilots. 

Zero Device Interaction

Having one more thing to think about is the last thing a GA pilot needs. That's why FlashUp is designed to stay out of your way while you fly the plane.


Auto-arms recording based on location context (either GPS, or Bluetooth Beacon)

Detects engine start and engine stop by analysing its environment using your device's sensors

Essential Logbook Data

As pilots we need to know what information we need, when and where to find it. FlashUp delivers the most important information to you when you're filling out your flight logs.


To-the-second precise total flight time for each cycle

To-the-second precise accumulated air time

Cumulative air time is calculated accurately on multi-leg cycles, such as circuit flights

Siri Flight SummaryComing Soon

If you really don't feel like looking at your phone at all, just ask Siri to give you the rundown when you're wrapping up your flight day.


Ask Siri for details about your flight stats, such as your total flight time today, your number of lifts in the past week, or total distance flown in a particular aircraft

Fill out your logbook while your device tells you your flight, air, wheels up and wheels down times

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Who is FlashUp designed for?

FlashUp is designed for General Aviation airplane pilots who have an iOS device with them when they fly (i.e. a Pilot of a fixed-wing, piston aircraft).

Is FlashUp a flight recorder?

Yes. FlashUp records your entire flight including important events like start, stop, takeoff and landing, as well as position/heading/speed data.

What makes FlashUp different?

The purpose of FlashUp is to eliminate the need for the pilot to interact with the app when they are focused on operating the airplane. The Zero-Device-Interaction principle supports safe and attentive flying from the pilot - meaning it doesn't distract you.

What information does FlashUp record?

FlashUp captures the 4 core flight events: engine start, takeoff, landing, and engine stop - with to-the-second accuracy. It also records your position, direction and speed each second. Flights with multiple lifts, such as circuit flights, calculate your accumulated air time accurately while you focus on flying.

Why do I need FlashUp?

  1. You need to focus on flying without distractions
  2. You want to log accurate flight and air times in your Aircraft Journey Log and Pilot Logbook
  3. It's not possible to start an airplane piston engine and use your phone at the same time